Real-world examples of how companies around the world have leveraged Design Pickle services.

How legendary wall art tripled their design output with design pickle

Design Pickle enabled Legendary Wall Art to streamline processes, tap into new creative capabilities, and scale output by 3x without compromising their sense of humor, bold personality or budget.

“Our designer gets the humor and style we’re going for, there’s no more endless back and forth, or hunting for files.” - Owners Danny and Scotty Bohnen
“We have so much creative cadence day-to-day – Design Pickle fills that gap. We no longer have to put projects on the back burner due to limited bandwidth.” - Calvin Coberly, Product Marketing Specialist
Design Pickle is worth the time, worth the money, and they’re super easy to work with." -Joe Jr., Creative Director of JoeBoo Events
“The reasons why I recommend Design Pickle are: Time, efficiency, quality, and cost savings.” - Dominic Bartola, CMO & Chief of Staff
“Design Pickle charges a flat fee for a designer for an entire month. That same project would have cost us thousands of thousands of dollars if we had to pay one designer at a normal hourly rate.” - Amanda Metcalf, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
See how two internal teams at COX Automotive boost their production design, and escape the internal design team bottle neck with multiple designated designers from Design Pickle.
“This is a good solution for somebody who hires a graphic designer because every designer specializes in different things. And with Design Pickle you’re not limited to one artistic style or one type of service. And they always do a good job!”
This social media agency creates winning social media strategies and delivers high-value, consistent content with the support of Design Pickle designers.
If you can imagine it,
we can design it.