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Get matched with a team of skilled and vetted video editors to scale your video production output for high-performing assets. You’ll wonder how you ever fed the media algorithm beast without us.

Loving the quick updates and speedy turnaround! Thank you.

- Heather Wentzel of Graduate Communications

Awesome job! I requested a ton of changes on this one (that were my fault because I had incorrect info) and the designer was very patient and helpful every time. Looks awesome.

- Kelsey Mutch of Keyline USA

My video editor was great at keeping in touch with me [through my first request]. They did great at making my designs and doing all of my changes for me. 5 stars!

- Lucy Shaver of SOKO

Add Post-Production Capabilities

Build a Creative Powerhouse

Video delivers top-performing assets for brands of all kinds; the challenge is producing them at scale. (We’ve got you.) 

Atomizing or Channel-Prepping Content

Atomizing content to fit a wide variety of channels – quickly – is a breeze! You name the aspect ratio and cuts, we’ll make it happen.

Templated On-Going Video Production

Send us your raw footage and templates – we tackle the hassle of post-production and deliver your content flywheel so you can capture more revenue.

Iterating and Testing

When you have a vision for testing video content or iterating on a theme, you’ve got a partner to bring it to life quickly so you don’t miss a single trend.

What's in Scope for

Design Pickle Video Editing Services

Aspect Ratio Update

Adjusting the aspect ration to suit formats such as 4:3, 16:9, or 1:1, ensuring videos are ready for viewing across a variety of platforms. 

Audio Addition

Adding music and/or sound effects into the final video. 

Color Correction

Simple corrections or gradings that do not require rotoscopy.

Footage Matching

Manipulation and editing of different video footage so it will look cohesive in the final project. 

Format Adjustment

Conversion of one video format to another, like MP4 to MOV.


Adding text on a video to provide additional or interpretive information. 

Template Editing

Process  of editing a video template with new content and/or creating a new video template from scratch. 

Transition effects

Visual effects that shift from one video clip to another. 

Trimming Clipping

Process of removing a section of a video by cutting in two places, lifting out the middle section, and combing the leftover video back together. 

Voice Over Sync

Process of synchronizing a voice recording over video footage in a cohesive manner. 

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Why Partner With Design Pickle for Video Editing?

Unlock all services (Graphic Design, Presentation Design, Custom Illustration and Motion Graphics) with Video Editing plans; it’s like scoring bonus creatives on your team.

Get 24/5 support, real-time communication with your designated video editors in Slack, unlimited revisions, and premium onboarding services with your customer success manager.

Production Coordinators amplify your efficiency. Our Power Plans incorporate the support you need to manage your deliverables across all design types.

Video Editing FAQs

Video editing or (Live Action Video editing) is the process of manipulating actual video footage to create a new, edited video. This can include modifying, rearranging, trimming, or manipulating an unedited video file. Video editing is different from motion graphics, which is more about adding motion/animation to digital graphics. It is common for videos to include motion graphics overlaid on top, to create a more engaging final product.
The main software we use are Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

We can add music, voice over, or sound effects that you provide us either as a file uploaded to the request or by linking us to a royalty-free download track. Our stock library does not currently include audio so we are unable to provide support for that at this time. See our full scope of video editing in this article.

The maximum upload size we can accept is 5 GB per request.

The maximum length of the video file to be delivered to you is 12 minutes.

Video sizes currently available are:
All videos will be provided in industry-standard 4k/1080p HD resolution.

Yes. If the creative assigned to your video editing request does not have motion graphics skills then it’ll be endorsed to an motion graphics creative to handle the MG animations.

Available with Premium and Power Plans