About Design Pickle

Design Pickle is a subscription creative services platform that empowers brands to produce graphics at scale. Founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, Design Pickle was created to deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable creative content to any business.

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Design Pickle Facts

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Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona

2.2M Designs Delivered | 4.8 Average Design Rating

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Global creative network spanning 12 countries

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Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies 2019, 2020, 2021

Our Core Values

We are the spark

We let our fire and passion inspire someone else’s day.

We drive performance

We seek out new ways to improve performance, satisfaction, and impact for our customers. Less is more rules supreme.

We give it to you straight

We lead with radical and professional candor in every situation. Graciously accept when others do the same. Move forward together and aligned.

We help when nobody’s watching

We find opportunities to support each other and our clients beyond the day-to-day.

We lean into hard

We thoughtfully select our challenges and tenaciously commit to conquering them.

We make our own pickles

We are a collection of incredible individuals who challenge ourselves and each other to grow. Change is celebrated as a sign of progress.

Our Why

Our jobs go far beyond Adobe files. Design Pickle is powered through our purpose: To change lives through creativity. We believe in giving back to our community and are dedicated to helping others grow with our products, support, and resources.

Our How

Design Pickle’s mission is to build the most helpful creative platform in the world. We are committed to achieving our mission through a three-pronged strategy.

1. Deliver

World-class creative services, products, and careers.

2. Create

A simplified, powerful, and customizable experience for your creative team and workflows.

3. Advance

The access of creativity around the globe.

Meet the Leadership Team

Russ Perry

Chief Executive Officer

Niket Pandey

Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

Hollie Casey

Director of HR

Jennifer Doepke

Vice President of Customer Success

Rob Morris

Vice President of Creative Operations

Chris Shaw

Vice President of Product

Ciara Tejani

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

David Zwerin

Vice President of Revenue Operations

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